Welcome to "La Perdiz Blanca" Studies, located in a luxury residential area call "Residencial Roche", in the town of Conil de la Frontera and 8 kilometers from city centre (Google maps:

We have 3 studios-apartment call "Tucán", "Gaviota" and "Colibrí" of 32 square meters, fully equipped for summer time, hollidays and weekends in a privileged environment of nature and only 100m from the beach. It has 2 single beds or big double bed, fully kitchen, bathroom and terrace and garden. We have heating, change of sheets and towels, TV, WiFi, washing machine and iron in addition to comprehensive information on leisure in the area. The Studios are located in a pine forest, quiet área with private pólice, tennis court, drugstore and minimarket with foreing newspapers. Whitout parking problems.

                    Gaviota                                                    Colibrí                                                Tucán              


Conil is located in the southwest of Cadiz, belongs to the region of Janda and enjoys one of the wildest beaches and beautiful coast of Cadiz. We are in a privileged quiet and sunny, pine forests and beaches ideal for relaxing. We speak French, English and Italian.
Precisely for these beaches, Conil is a tourist city of special interest to nature lovers, semi virgin cliffs and coves, water sports, surfing, fishing, horseback riding etc.. The character of the people of Conil, the varied cuisine, the pine forests of the old environment and make this town a place where people feel happy. Also for golf lovers have 5 golf courses in the nearby town of Novo Sancti Petri, just 7 km from Conil. 
Conil is formed on a hill full of white houses. On the narrow, twisting streets, are the most varied restaurants and bars of unique character. Each has its own personality and most of them are located on the space formerly occupied by a house, a barn or a garage. But undoubtedly, the best of the white villages of the coast (as Tarifa, Vejer and Zahara, Bologna) are the feelings that you get from it. Its smell, the color of the beach. typically Andalusian streets, access to wood that takes you to the beach, the horses on the beach. Fourteen miles of long beaches and still virgins, with fine white sand lapped by crystal clear waters. On the beaches coexist cliffs, pine trees and the waters of the Atlantic. Noteworthy are the beaches of Los Bateles, Roche, Castilnovo, Fuente del Gallo, or Pig Beach as the Camacho coves, the burning of oil duck. Some of these coves largely disappear when the tide rises. 

Conil, a seaside village par excellence, but where agriculture plays an important role, has developed a gastronomy of its products, from a quality field of succulent dishes prepared while simple in its preparation. If we start from the field, we find traditional dishes such as collard greens, rice with dandelions, alcahuciles with peas, stews, potatoes alinas, tagarinas, etc.. The slaughter of pigs, their black pudding, sausages, pork rinds, butter coloring, and the stew stuffed loin of killing himself or pork stew. And if we sailed with fishery products, dishes made from ancient recipes, like baked sea bream, tuna and stuffed with onions, marinated dogfish or tomato, stuffed squid or cuttlefish with potatoes, fried or grilled, among others. We can not forget the cured tuna own: ahíja tuna in oil, dried fish and cured roe. Special mention in this section is the restaurant Francisco Fontanilla ( in fontanilla beach when you can delight a lot of fresh sushi red tuna. 
In bakery, nothing better than a rosquetes and Easter cakes, fritters and oil cake at Christmas. Exquisite dishes for the most discerning palate. Among the surrounding villages deserve special attention and are a must Vejer de la Frontera, just 20 km and with its white houses and Moorish heritage corners. Rate (50 km), for lovers of windsurfing deserves a day trip to walk the streets, eat some tapas at any bar and have a drink in the charming atmosphere pubs House and Chill Out. Also worth spending another day in the sumptuous beaches of Bologna (40 km), with characteristic dune kilometer and clear, cold water of its beaches.


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